Saturday, 04 April 2020

Asmara, The State of Eritrea: October 16 – 18 2018

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The AUC Campaign to End Child Marriage team conducted a post launch country visit to the State of Eritrea where they met with the ministries working to end child marriage specifically Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour. Eritrea has developed a committee consisting of these ministries including other ministries as part of a multi - sectorial approach in their strategy to end child marriage and female genital mutilation in the country.

The team also went on a field visit to the town of Aditekelezan where they met with the community- religious and traditional leaders, parents, legal officers and also visited the Community Hospital. This field visit showcased the good practices that Eritrea has from national to community level working to end child marriage as well as the number of stake holders involved in fighting against harmful practices. It was noted that Eritrea needs to document their good practices and share with other African countries to learn their programs and experiences in ending child marriage and FGM.