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Empowering African Union member states and partners to collectively end child marriage and eliminate harmful practices through a dynamic and interactive knowledge management portal, fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and providing technical assistance.


Through Knowledge Availability to foster a continent free from child marriage and harmful practices, driven by a united community of practice that accelerates the implementation of the African Union’s campaign to safeguard girls against child marriage.

Key Objectives

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Create an engaging and interactive platform that facilitates the exchange of experiences, practices, and evidence-based knowledge among member states, partners, and stakeholders. By pooling resources and sharing insights, the community aims to foster a culture of collaboration that strengthens multi-sector coordination and propels the campaign to end child marriage

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

Provide a platform for country-specific technical assistance, offering capacity-building resources and guidance tailored to the needs of the 30-member states. This objective seeks to equip nations with the tools and knowledge required to effectively implement and monitor the campaign against child marriage

Action Plan Follow-up and Advocacy Support

Establish an avenue for consistent follow-up on country action plans, ensuring that implementation remains on track and aligns with the campaign’s objectives. The community of practice will also facilitate national and continental advocacy events, amplifying efforts to end child marriage and garner support from a diverse range of stakeholders.

Youth Leadership and Empowerment

Develop an inclusive platform that empowers young people to lead and champion initiatives aimed at ending child marriage. By offering a space for young voices to be heard, the community seeks to drive change from within and inspire innovative solutions to combat harmful practices.

Professional Development and Research Sharing

Serve as a hub for sharing professional development opportunities, relevant research findings, and reports. By disseminating up-to-date information, the community aims to enhance the expertise of its members and promote evidence-based decision-making in the campaign against child marriage

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